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Tuesday Jams #45 - Danza Kuduro

Tuesday Jams is a weekly post hosted by Sharonda @ Salacious Reads. This is a way to share with others your love (other then books of course) for music! Want to participate? Easy! Head on over to Salacious Reads & link back up with her Tuesday Jams post in her comments section!

Wassssup?! This week on TJ is another solo jam by none other than Don Omar! DANZA KUDUROOOO! ft. Lucenzo. You've probably (most likely in all honesty) heard this song from the movie Fast Five. Oh yeeea. I was wondering what to pick for this week and then I remembered this song and how much I like it. It's totes up beat and makes you wanna get up and dance. And... well who doesn't love Fast and the Furious?

Enjoy :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tuesday Jams #44 - Real Girl

Tuesday Jams is a weekly post hosted by Sharonda @ Salacious Reads. This is a way to share with others your love (other then books of course) for music! Want to participate? Easy! Head on over to Salacious Reads & link back up with her Tuesday Jams post in her comments section!

This week on Tuesday Jams I will be featuring ONE SONG! YES! You read that right ;) This week will be one song by an artist I haven't (or I might have and just don't remember) heard of. And that song is Real Girl by Mutya Buena. I was listening to Pandora one night while I was browsing Facebook and I was like hoooold up gotta look this song up cause it is my new jam! And well, now I'm here sharing it with you lovely folks! Enjoy :) 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday Jams #43 - 90s R&B

Tuesday Jams is a weekly post hosted by Sharonda @ Salacious Reads. This is a way to share with others your love (other then books of course) for music! Want to participate? Easy! Head on over to Salacious Reads & link back up with her Tuesday Jams post in her comments section!


This week on TJ is all about 90s R&B! Wooot! Yes. I was in a Skype call with some friends and we were listening to music, and I said, "favorite oldies R&B song. GO!" and, well, one of my friends couldn't think of one. So I started linking songs that I remembered from back then and luuurved. And played the shit out of on the cassette lols. One of those songs was Lately by Divine. LOOVE this song. And boy, oh boy did I play this jam out when I was younger. EEEK. Song is just... so cute. Welp, it was after that, that I decided to go with 90s R&B jams for this weeks post. And here I am :) Of course, I didn't want to leave it at just this song, although I could have, but I kept searching for songs, and...well, I just had to keep adding songs to the playlist. 

Go ahead and hit that play button on the baby blue music player below and jam out with me :) What's your favorite 90s R&B tune? Is it on this list?

Friday, April 11, 2014

Movie Review: P.S. I Love You w/ Dr. Daen

P.S. I Love You
Genre: Drama, Romance
Rated: PG-13
126 min
Release Date: Dec. 21, 2007

Director: Richard LaGravenese
Writers: Richard LaGravenese (Screenplay) , Steven Rogers (Screenplay) , Cecelia Ahern  (Novel)
Starring: Hilary Swank, Gerard Butler, and Harry Connick, Jr. (Full cast and crew HERE)

A young widow discovers that her late husband has left her 10 messages intended to help ease her pain and start a new life.

A: Now, before we start this review, I’m gonna tell you why we chose this movie to watch & review. Like all the movies that have been reviewed as D as a tag along, I’ve already watched them. And to my astonishment, D hasn’t. WHAAAT?! LAME! Anywho. We were playing a game of League yesterday with our good friend and fellow Commando comrade Rob! And no, that is not Rob Stark of Winterfell, fallen King of the North. A little image below to show you how we felt…. wait, some of you haven’t seen GoT yet…. well, here’s the gif anyway ;)
Anyway, We were playing our game when the enemy team says, “ps commando” and Rob being the witty guy that he is, quickly responded with, “ps I love you” and I follow up with, “omfg I love that movie!” and to both my and Rob’s disdain D says, “What movie?” -___________- and thus the P.S. I Love You has been moved to the top of the list on our movies to watch and review :) ON WITH THE REVIEW!

D: When she has told me about the movie I thought it was going to be just another one of those chick flick movies that she just wanted to watch with me. Which by the way I am always down to watch anything with A, I can stick it out even if I don’t really care for it, though she hasn’t disappointed me yet! Anyways I didn’t like the couple in the beginning, because they seemed to have some pre-marital problems but then it turned out that they really cared and loved each other!

A: *scolding* AnywaY D, AnywaY! AnywayS is improper. STAHP THAT! Anywho, yes, D didn’t like the beginning of the movie. Like...At. All. He kept saying things like, “What?” “Why are they…”
“That doesn’t make sense.” “That’s a stupid thing to argue over…” Yeah, it goes on and on and on. LAWDY! I had to bite my tongue and keep from telling him to shaaaaduuup cause the movie gets better….HELLO! It’s Gerard Butler!
D: Sigh* she alwayS! does this to me and my improper grammar QQ. Yes I know, I know I am not the best speller nor grammar masta in the house A! But anywho shortly afterwards we discovered that Gerry had past away! I couldn’t believe it I almost didn’t want  to believe it I was just starting to warm up to him after they had just made up and then it tears my heart apart that time had past by and he was dead ugh why do movies do this to me :((((((

A:  Lols. Yes, D cried like a baby. Although he did hide it really well. After the passing of Gerry, Holly (Hillary Swank) goes into a depression. And this depression stage is quite…. sad. Still in the beginning of the movie, her friends rally, as well as her mother to wish her a happy 30th birthday, to which Gerry has left her a bit of a surprise. He plans out these letters that carry out through the rest of the movie and helps her move on. And at the end of each letter, ends it with “P.S. I Love You” *swoon*

D: I can’t believe that she carried on so strongly after reading each letter that came acrossed her. She was so strong with each and every letter, if I was her I would be so torn apart and depressed for months to years! But she most definitely had her friends backing her up, and  a guy that worked at the bar named Daniel seemed to of been there for her during these rough times. He liked her, liked her a lot but he couldn’t find it in him to tell her that he liked her. Soon after she had a letter brought to her saying that she had a flight to Ireland, for her and her friends  Daniel over heard of this trip and tore the Yankees game tickets up out of sadness QQ.

A: I wouldn’t say he tore them up out of sadness, more like he tore them up with a let down feeling. Holly is still grieving in her own way and he can’t find a way to let her know he wants to be more than just her friend. Anywho, I like Daniel just fine, I thought he was an okay, if a really weird guy. Corky and cute I suppose. But that’s Harry Connick, Jr. for ya xD

Ah, yes, the Ireland trip. Holly gets to Ireland, goes out with her girls meets a local guy who is also a musician (like her late hubby) and her girlfriends push her to pursue him. She refuses at first, but then with words of encouragement from her girls, she makes her move! And being the weird, goofy girl that she is, she finds her way to William and he is automatically taken with this “American” girl. Which, let me point out, that D was soooo not a fan of William. Oh, no, he was #TeamDaniel from the get go.  

D: I kinda was a little bit a “#TeamDaniel” only because I thought with him being there for her that they may have got together but sadly I was wrong cause Mr. Irish man had to strut his Irishness all over the stage and towards the bar table. But I suppose later on he didn’t seem so bad.

A: Lol… but D is still #TeamDaniel. After the Ireland scene, Holly and her friends go back home to where she tries to figure out what to do with her life. And of course, Vampire Slayer and Assassin are out of the equation. But, I won’t ruin what her big job reveal is. I’ve already spoiled enough. BUT, Vampire Slayer would be really cool Buffy ain’t got nothin’ on me!
A: And thus we’ve reached the end of our review. Because we really don’t want to spoil much more. But, you’ve got the hang of it. So….let’s sum it up, shall we? HubbyPassesHeLeavesLettersToHelpHerMoveOnShe…. well, watch the movie and you’ll finish then end of that :p

Now for the rating! I’m giving this movie 7/10 stars. I thought it was really cute and I enjoyed it. But not quite hitting that 8+ wow factor for me. So, 7 it is. What say you, D?

D:I say 8! goof, it was so intense!! it hits you right where you feel! the feels! do you understand me!

A: lol @ it was so intense…. oookay mister xD He cried like a baby. So our overall rating for this movie is 7.5 stars!

D: I had something in my eye ok. Dust its everywhere.

A: lol sure you did. Welp, thanks for stopping bye! Don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment section below :)



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Tuesday Jams #42

Tuesday Jams is a weekly post hosted by Sharonda @ Salacious Reads. This is a way to share with others your love (other then books of course) for music! Want to participate? Easy! Head on over to Salacious Reads & link back up with her Tuesday Jams post in her comments section!

This week on Tuesday Jams I'll be featuring Maisey Rika!

Maori singer/songwriter Maisey Rika, has one of Aotearoa's (New Zealand's) most impressive lead vocal style, fused with her honest and thought invoking messages.

Some have described her sound similar to Tracey Chapman or Sade, with a splash of India Arie. Her spine tingling vocals and fusion of English and Maori (Te Reo) lyrics is capturing the hearts of soul seekers both in New Zealand and abroad.

Maisey and guitarist J.J, have worked to create an original melodic experience backed with strong eclectic messages. A mix of folk, acoustic, soul and easy listening, their musical palette is vibrant with elements of roots and deep culture.

Since the early age of 13, Maisey began singing on stage and in the studio at a professional level. Maisey's first recordings brought her to stardom with "E Hine", a classic collection of Maori traditional songs. "E Hine" went double platinum and also won "Best Maori Language Album" at the New Zealand Music Awards. Maisey was nominated for "Best Female Vocalist" in 1998 at just 15 years old also. [taken from website.]

I first heard of Maisey about 5-6 years ago when my sister came to me with new music to listen to. And amongst this list of artists and songs was Maisey Rika's Childen of Romania (see video below) After hearing this song I was immediately taken with Maisey and her amazing voice! She also did covers for Iron & Wine's Flightless Bird American Mouth as well as Robert Pattinson's Never Think.

The reason I chose Maisey Rika this week, is because Kimberly @ Turning The Pages chose covers by Jasmine (view her post here) and I said that I wold post Maisey Rika this week to show off how similar I think they are. If not their tones, their voices. Just a bit tho. They are incredibly different, but still awesome nonetheless.

Well, that's my pick for this week. Enjoy :)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Talking Zombies #24: S04E16 "A"

Welcome back to another zombified week of Talking Zombies with Ana & Sharonda. Today we will be recapping on Sunday nights episode: S04E16 "A"

Ana: Well, Terminus was a bust. WTF. Those people…. smh. But damn. Best part for me? Rick to Darryl: You’re my brother. EEEEK! YES! And the ending as well… Rick to group: They’re going to feel pretty stupid when they find out… That they’re messing with the wrong people.  Definitely my favorite scenes from this episode. I’m a bit let down with the build up to the finale. Maybe it’s just me tho. I’m kinda sad that we didn’t get to see Tyreese, Carol, Beth and baby Judith. Sigh.

Lori: I always knew something would go down at Terminus, I just didn’t plan on the people going all Hannibal on them! This wasn’t their best season finale, but at least no one major was killed! Oh, Hershel I still miss you! It was great seeing the flashbacks with him.. And finally we got some Rick time! Rick became my hero all over again in this episode. I was so happy he went all zombie on those assholes! Wait, am I allowed to curse in this post? *sorry* Confession: My ovaries just about exploded when Rick and Daryl had that brother moment! ;)

Grace: I did like this episode, but felt let down by Terminus. There was so much build up to it and it failed. Rick had every right to kill those people. Love that he munched on Joe’s throat, even if it was a bit gory.

Sharonda: Cuss away...lols. I was definitely let down. It was all this build up and then “nothing”. And this season finale did not live up to others. Nothing was exciting besides my Rick and Daryl moment...Oh my god, that moment..that moment was tear jerking “you’re my brother” had my and my sister in tears. Rick was the high moment for me...he was just awesomeness in this finale and I’m so glad they brought my Sheriff back!

Ana: I gotta agree with Grace. Terminus was definitely a let down. And you all know how I felt about all the dragged “character building” episodes. I was expecting… MORE! not passer by clips of the people of Terminus shooting at the ground and maybe them being cannibals. Sigh…Total let down for this finale.

Lori: I think they ate Beth….where else could she be?! I think Tyrese and Carol will be their only way out of that situation now...let’s hope they’re smarter and don’t just walk in there like Glenn and Maggie did!

Grace: I would have liked to have seen Tyrese, Carol, baby Judith.  I want to know where the hell Beth is. Who has her? What are they doing with her? I normally don’t like Beth, but curious as to what is going to happen to her. I think if Tyrese and Carol show up In Terminus, it might be when all hell is breaking loose in Terminus and why are they keeping them in a Train box. I like Rick at the very end. He looks homicidal.

Sharonda: I’m starting to believe Beth isn’t at Terminus. I think some other folks have her and IF she is and that a big if...they have her in one of those containers. I wanted to see more of Tyrese, Carol and baby Judith. I was disappointed that they weren’t shown, but I do think they will help Rick and them get out of Terminus.

Ana: Ooooh. Sharonda! WHAAAAAAT. Okay, I didn’t think that far ahead at all.. you could be right. People with cars… but why?! ermergerd. I can’t wait til next season. Again with Tyrese, Carol and baby Judith. I’m glad they weren’t in this show. But I do miss their presence. BUT biiiiig BUT! I don’t wanna know what would have happened with Judith. Would they have taken her and raised her as their own? We dunno. Sigh.

Lori: I think Carol, Tyreese and baby Judith are ok for now, probably the safest out of the entire group! I can't say I really missed them in this episode, I was too distracted by the appearance of Sheriff Rick Grimes...yeah baby!!!

Grace: I kind of was hoping that Terminus would be a home. Sadly not. I can’t believe they are cannibals according to some of the rumors. I really can’t take seeing cannibalism on TV.

Sharonda: Just a thought Ana and I hope it’s true. I don’t want Beth to be in one of those containers by herself. I hope they’re okay too Lori, I really do.

I think the producers got us all excited for Terminus, but I knew…I knew something bad was going to happen. They always end the finales with some bad mojo going down. Cannibalism, I wasn’t expecting. But am I shocked? No. I believe we can expect almost anything in this world. I dislike how it was handled. It was really a bad/exciting build up to Terminus. It was an okay epi with minor exciting parts...mainly Rick’s parts :D

Ana: Grace, I was kinda hoping the same thing. But kinda not. Only because I’m not too hopped up on the show ending so soon. It seemed kinda suspicious with only Mary greeting them and then with only a few people standing around?? I couldn’t believe that it’s a sanctuary when there aren’t that many people. Seriously? Just.. no.

Lori: Rumors? Did you not see the piles of bones in the yard as they were trying to escape?! Where else would they find meat in the zombie apocalypse? I was thinking, since everyone has the virus...what happens when you do eat another human, will those people turn into walkers or create a new breed of walkers? LOL Yeah, this is what I think about due to this damn show…

Sharonda: Good point Lori! but if they’re cooking them?...

And yeah, I saw the tweets and rumors. But that pile of bones when the group ran by confirmed it. All I need is for everyone in the group to have the same attitude as my man Rick and I’m happy.

Ana: That’s a good point Lori, but I think the virus takes hold of you after you die. Just like when you die on the show and you come back a zombie. It’s like… something clicks. There’s a “on button” for your zombieself to surface…. or maybe I sound like I’m talking out of my ass. lol. They did cut of Hershel’s leg to save him from turning completely.

Lori: Well, unless they cook them alive...LOL

Sharonda: hmmmmm.. another good point Anna. And in on point about Hershel. I'm looking forward to next season Only to see them get out of those damn containers. Rick and his group was smart...careful. But I can see why Glenn's group was so accepting of Terminus. After a while, you are tired. it was a bad move on their part not to be more aware. I just hope this season kicks off with a bang. it was a slow season finale and I wasn't all that impressed.

Question of the Week
Team Cargo Container or Team Cannibal?

Lori: Umm Team Prison turned Team Cargo Container...always!!!

Grace: Team Cargo Container….

Sharonda: uh...Team Cargo Container!!! Lets go Rick! 

Ana: Thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget to leave a comment down below! And answer this weeks question!

Sharonda: Thanks guys! Yes, leave your comments. Let us know what you thought.

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Movie Review: Once Were Warriors w/ Dr. Daen

Once Were Warriors
Genre: Crime, Drama
Rated: R Time: 102 min
Release Date: May 4, 2012

Director: Lee Tamahori
Writers: Riwia Brown , Alan Duff  (Novel)
Starring: Rena Owen, Temuera Morrison, and Mamaengaroa Kerr-Bell (Full cast and crew HERE)

A family descended from Maori warriors is bedeviled by a violent father and the societal problems of being treated as outcasts.

Ana: Once Were Warriors isn’t your typical HEA kind of movie. This movie is far from that. Not only does it dig deep down to the core of things but it throws things at you, and when I mean throw, I mean the movie literally picks up heaps of rocks and rubble and throws it at you with so much force that CC Sabathia would be damned proud. Now once all that rocks and rubble hits you, you’re stunned with feels. So. Many. FEELS. It’s unreal. I cry every time. 

(For those of you scratching your heads wondering who CC Sabathia is, see image below.)

Daen: Sigh the feels, oh the feels *preaching the feels* oh god they throw you around like a roller coaster tycoon!

Ana: Now, we don’t want to ruin the movie for any of you so we’ll talk “AROUND” stuff. So this review might be a bit cluttered and have you sitting there looking at the screen like, “WTF are these two talking about?! WHAT IS THIS RUBBISH!”  But I assure you, it is NOT rubbish… so please, keep your tomatoes at bay! I did my hair this morning and I think I look good ;)

Daen: Pffft, she is good! *uhem amazinggggugh* anyways so … oh I have no idea how to even begin this..

Ana:  Well, that’s why I’m here sweety. Let’s start at the beginning. *waves Daen ahead* now, now, lets go… I shall hold your hand like a mother holds her childs hand. 
but, please, behave, I’m not against spankings.

Daen: Please I need help! don’t let go of my hand please I’m like a lost kitten.

Ana: Let’s start at the beginning. Once Were Warrior opens up showing clips and pieces of each of the characters that play an important role in the movie. The main characters so to speak. You’ve got Rena Owen who plays Beth Heke: Mother and Wife. Beth was born and raised into a high Maori family. Falls in love with a man who is below their stature and has to pick between her family and the man she loves, so of course she chooses the man. Said man is Jake Heke, aka Jake the Muss (Temuera Morrison.) Now, because Jake is Daen’s favorite character ever, I’ll let him speak a bit on him.

Daen: Seriously? wait, seriously? me? I don’t think you are ready for this Ana… I am already about to blow this whole review out of proportion I could make just this part nothing but the review. Jake, is well how can I use the kindest of words I can possibly think of.. a JACKASS.

But enough about that asshole, back to the beginning…in the beginning it looks like a sweet loving and caring family with pretty much a hot and heavy scene but then shortly after, things start to turn for the worse.

Ana: lol. And by Daen’s favorite character, I mean he hates him with all his might. Jake Heke: Father and husband has some….interesting qualities… or lack there of. He’s a drunk, hot tempered, abusive and oblivious. Drunken bar fights for daaaaays.

Towards the middle of the movie, you’ve already learned who the characters are and what roles they play. Aside from Jake and Beth, you’ve got Grace Heke (Mamaengaroa Kerr-Bell), one out of five children. Beth is the eldest girl only 13 years old and takes after her mother. And by that I mean, she speaks her mind. And according to Jake is “too damned lippy.” Grace loves to write and tell stories, plays the big sisterly role well, and… well I’ll leave it at that. Watch the movie!

Daen: Grace, oh gracy grace. Many things can said about Grace, she is just a kind, sweet, and loving character just trying to make it through all of these hard times. She seems to only have true friend outside of home Toot. He doesn’t play the biggest role in the movie but I think it is worth mentioning, he was the only that kept her company and let that be her escape from reality. When all she wanted to do was see her brother.

Ana: Boogie Heke (Taungaroa Emile), son of Jake and Beth. Boogie is still growing, learning who he is. He gets into trouble in the beginning of the movie and is sent away soon after. Although he doesn’t play a vital role in the movie, he’s mentioned here and there and you can clearly see the transformation from beginning to end.

Nig Heke (Julian Arahanga) son of Jake and Beth. Nig also doesn’t play a vital role, but he is mentioned and shows a few times on screen. First born of Jake and Beth, he doesn’t play the
“big brother” role very well. Worried about himself and mixing himself in with the local gang: TOA.

I can’t say I hated these two characters, because I didn’t. But I didn’t agree with what was going on. Boogie is understandable as he wasn’t even there for 75% of the movie, but as for Nig. Totally just for himself and not caring about his “home”. He has siblings, but towards the end of the movie realizes all too late that he should have been “home” more and watching out for his siblings.

Daen: Boogie, at the start seemed to of been going through a lot of stuff. uhem family stuff. So he started hanging out with the wrong crowd and always seemed to of been sent home by the cops. So he ended up in court and surprise got sent to a correctional facility.

Ana: The ending of the movie is a killer. But the characters grow through this movie and you can see it, no matter how slowly the development is, how slowly the eyes are finally opening to see what’s going on around them. It’s sad, but it’s true.

Okay… most of the characters develop into different characters. Grow, you might say… all but one… cause, well….
Yeah…. He’s all about that blunt force trauma.

Daen: Jake never learns anything from the start! I mean … all bronze and brains! Ugh’  like I said before I could talk about this fool all damned day. *kajsndijas mdas das das dasd !!!!!* my frustration!

Ana: Well, that about sums it up for our movie review. Like we said, we didn’t want to give away any spoilers, so… instead… we give you character details and a bit (if a tiny bit) about the setting of the movie.

Daen:  *Ana here: Daen is speechless*

Ana: So, yeah.. Daen has nothing else to add on… because he loved that movie that much. heh. Now on to the rating! I’ve seen this movie a handful of times and it never fails to pull the feels out of me. It’s heartbreaking and humbling all at once. The acting is great, to me at least, cause I could never pull off drunken brawls (lel). So, for that, I’d give this movie 8 stars! What say you Daen?

Daen: Hmm, I would most likely give a 7.5 cause I couldn’t bare watching jake any longer with his madhouse.

Ana: Combining our ratings, the new rating is: 7.75 stars!

Thanks for joining us! Want us to review a movie for you? Let us know in the comments below! Also, don’t forget to leave a comment about our review. Especially if you’ve seen it :)

Daen: Speechless with so many… Thanks for having me ANA!
Ana: It's okay Daen...it's okay. 


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Tuesday Jams #41 - Let It Go!

Tuesday Jams is a weekly post hosted by Sharonda @ Salacious Reads. This is a way to share with others your love (other then books of course) for music! Want to participate? Easy! Head on over to Salacious Reads & link back up with her Tuesday Jams post in her comments section!


This week on TJ I'll be featuring one song and that song is Let It Go from the Disney movie Frozen! EEEP. Have you seen this movie?! I LURVED IT! I thought it was super duper cute and of course Idina Menzel just blew me away with her vocals. Below is the original video from the movie :) What's your favorite song from this movie? (If you've seen it of course). 

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