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Talking Zombies #1

WARNING: If you are behind or haven't started watching The Walking Dead, then I highly suggest you stop reading now!  This post has MAJOR spoilers and I don't want to ruin the show for you! 
Ana: Welcome to our first episode of Talking Zombies. Thanks for joining Sharonda (Salacious Reads) and I as we dish about The Walking Dead. 

Sharonda: Hi Guys! ooooo Zombies I'm so excited to be here w/Ana (Beach Bum Reads)...finally someone I can talk to about the craziness going on this season 

Ana: Definitely agree, Sharonda. Lets start with last nights episode. How crazy was that? MORE PEOPLE! BREATHING, LIVING, PEOPLE! Cray. 

Sharonda: I was really excited to see it...I mean a whole town full of normal people. And then the Governor had to go all bat shit crazy..smh, WTF was that?

Ana: That is what you call a psychopath. Did you see the look in his eyes? *shudders* someone get him a straight jacket and STAT! Man needs to do a little self-hugging! 

Sharonda: Oh I saw it..lol. I was like they better run..hell I rather be out there with the damn Zombies that crazy Mo-fo..smh!  LOL @  a little self hugging. So what do you think of our little friend Andrea? man! what a ho'..I mean Shane isn't even freshly dead yet & she got her eyes set on the damn Governor...I can't stand that slut
Ana: Lol @ Shane isn't even freshly dead yet... More like rottenly dead *laughs at own joke* I know... She has BAD TASTE IN MEN. She definitely had some daddy issues. I am not a fan of Andrea, I pitied her when her sister died, but she's just a damned fool. Michonne on the other hand? Love her. BADASS! 

Sharonda:  *snorts* Thank you very much Rick for killing that fool! Daddy issues for sure. You know something about her always rubbed me the wrong way. Just something about her..what did I say about Shane? Sneaky Mo-fo? yup...that's her in a nutshell. Now Michonne, that's a smart chick right there & with that Sword! But I think she's starting to see Andrea for what she really is...

Ana: ... seeing her as a biiiiiiiiiiotch in disguise *shrugs* lol. Michonne is awesome. But I'm waiting to see what her story is. We don't know much about her, but I hope they don't kill her off just yet. Andrea on the other hand, oh yeah. Feed her to the WALKERS! 

Sharonda: totally shaking my head with your comment about Andrea..I hope she dies like really, really soon. I don't think I hated a TV character as much as I hate her & that skank Lori. Well lets hope they'll give us some background on her. I agree she is totally kick ass & I think she would be a awesome addition to Rick's group. Here to wishing she gets out of that crazy town intact..but from last night sneak peak. I think she's going to use the Governors craziness to her advantage. So what say you about the Governor? crazy much? lols

Ana: lol. and you're shaking your head at me? *shakes head at your comment* lol. You're right, she'd make a great addition to the group, but the way things are looking? The Governor seems to be running a tight ship. He's mad crazy. And what the hell was up with those zombie heads in the fish tank. They ain't fish FFS! It's like his little trophy shrine. WTF! SIIIICK! I don't like him. I didn't like him from the beginning, but I think people are scared of him. He needs to be killed off like, before the season started. But, I have a feeling he's gonna stick around for a while. Ever since they killed off Shane, they needed another bad guy. The Governor fills that roll perfectly. 

Sharonda: LOL...wait, I'm shaking my head at your comment...oh never mind..lols, let's hope they understand ;) Zombie heads in fish tanks??! Yo, he is straight out of his mind. Nope, not liking this dude. When he killed all of those soldiers, I damn near jumped through my TV...straight cra cra right there. But your're right...they need another bad guy & damn if this dude don't fit it perfectly. I wonder how he got so damn messed up...I mean did you see the pic of him & his family at the end...smh. But you know there's always a nut in the mix when stuff like this happens. 

Ana: He is. He really, really is >.< OMG. That was.. horrible. The season barely started and so many LIVING PEOPLE are getting killed off. Me no likey! AT ALL! I'm thinking he lost his fam and went bonkers. Or, his inner nutcase decided it was time to show itself when the walkers started roaming their neighborhoods. I don't like him at all, but I'm definitely curious to see how everything plays out. But the look in his eyes.... ugh. NO! All bad! What do you think about Hershel getting bit? I was shocked to see him open his eyes and still be there, I was crossing my fingers on that one. I Hershel. 

Sharonda: Man!...poor Hershel. Now one-legged Hershel,,,smh. I was hoping like hell, he would have bit the shit out of Lori...lol! but hey a girl can wish, right? But I'm glad they didn't kill him off...like I said, he's the common sense to everyone else's crazy. I know he'll bring some level headness back into the Group. Maybe talk Rick out going completely nuts. When he locked that prisoner out there with the Walkers, I was like damn..they done drove Rick nuts..lols. 

Ana: *spits iced coffee out and starts laughin* omfg! ahahahaha! Wheew. *composes self*Right, when Lori was giving him mouth to mouth, I was like... biiiiiiite her!! xD Didn't Rick blame it on Lori? how she turned Shane and him against each other and then put the gun in his hand to kill Shane? But yeah. Hershel definitely plays an important roll. When and IF Rick goes mad, I'm voting Daryl in as leader! lol. 

Sharonda: that's right...she did, she kept pitting them against each other & then the ho' had the nerve to get mad when Rick finally killed his ass...what an mess that situation was...so happy its over. But now we got another nut to deal with...who do you think is watching the group at the prison? I can't wait to find that out, should be some good stuff coming up in the next episodes. Oh & I so vote for Daryl to take over. He's like that crazy uncle you want to sic on everybody when shit gets out of hand...lmbo!

Ana: ooh. my gosh. I almost forgot about that. The person who was watching Carol. Ahhh. I don't even know. But the preview for the episode 4 was crazy! Hopefully we find out then. *keeps fingers crossed* Lol @ crazy uncle. oh laawdy. True enough, he swears he doesn't have emotions, but you know he has a soft spot for Carol. I think he's a good guy that was dealt a shitty hand in life. But his shitty hand more then makes up for this dang apocalypse! 

Sharonda: True...True...so we have episode 4 to look forward to? what is your take on it? What do you think will happen? I think the group is going to finally find out who is watching them & maybe possibly meet up with the Governor? too soon you think?

Ana: I don't think they're gonna meet up with the Governor just yet. In the preview Merel says that Andrea gave him directions to the farm house they were staying at. So, now I'm on the fence. Either Andrea is really blind to the Governor, or she's playing at stupid and and keeping her enemies closer? Idk. Food for thought, I guess. I think the group is going to find out who's been watching the, but I think that'll be revealed in the end. We'll see. They just might throw a twist and everything gets all eff'd up lol. What do you think about Carl? I, personally, don't like him.... AT ALL. >.<

Sharonda: True...she did, she did. I don't think she's stupid, possibly a lil gullible? idk either ..though I do believe she is blind to what the Governor is up to. Plus I don't think she would purposely want the Group hurt. At the end for sure we'll find out whose watching them...they always kill me with the cliff hangers at the end of the show...it's so not right of them, lols. Hmmm...Carl? a spoiled, rotten little brat....big ass cry baby. Seriously kid, put you big boy drawers on & grow a pair. I can't stand Lori, but she needs to put foot way us his ass. As my mom would say "zombie apocalypse or not...I'm about to whump you ass! who you think you talking too?!" lol! He has gotten a little bit better, but that talking back shit would have to stop for me...seriously. 

Ana: hmm. I don't know about gullible. Maybe. Andrea is... a world of her own lol. Thank Gaaawd! I thought I was alone on this one. I don't like Carl, he's exactly what you said, a BRAT! Lori either needs to give him a whoopin' (Walkers or not) that kid is long overdue for one!  haha! Your mom and my mom alike! Yeah, he's just.. nope.. not doing it for me. Well, this week's Talking Zombies was a great one. Next weeks will be even better! More surprises and more... cliffhangers. lol. To wrap up this weeks Talking Zombies, we have a poll for you. Take it away Sharonda.
Sharonda: Thanks for hanging out with your girl Ana. I had so much fun! You guys make sure you check back next week for more Talking Zombies with myself & Ana. So what did you guys think? like? of course you did..lol!  Now for that poll…. 

Feel free to participate in the comments below! Laaaawd knows we can talk about zombies for days ^_^ If you would like to participate in next weeks Talking Zombies, leave a comment below and we'll contact you 

Vote For My Halloween Cover Remake!

Ahhh, yes! I's back again! lol. Not too long ago, I've entered in the cover contest over @ Confessions of a Bookaholic. All you had to do was take a book of your choosing and make it skeeeery! lol. So, of course, I was like... hell fucking yes! I'm entering! I always love challenging myself when it comes to designing and well, this definitely was a bit of a challenge. Simple, but challenging.

I originally wanted to do something vampish.. but that one ended up looking so.... blah? So, with the go ahead from Neyra (my partner in crime) I demonified a little girl. lmbo! You're all probably thinking I'm crazy. I'm not... yet. I went ahead and chose to remake Heather Gudenkaufs One Breath Away. In my defense, I am not the first person to demonify a little girl. And most likely, not the last. 

ORIGINAL                                                                   MY REMAKE

To vote click HERE and leave a comment in the comment section with "#6". Of course, there are 7 other designs aside from my own, so if you like any of the others, have at it! Vote for theirs ^_^ 

And here is the original photo I used for the cover.

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Vote For Me!

Hey guys! So, recently... like last week, I entered in Alyssa Rose Ivys' Focus Halloween Costume Contest. If you haven't heard of Alyssa, then you are missing out! She writes New Adult books, in Contemporary and Paranormal Romance. Sooo, I've entered in her contest for a chance to win print copies of Flight & Focus (Books #1 & 2 in The Crescent Chronicles series)  & a character named after *points to self* MOI in her book! Exciting, no? I think so! Soooo. Yes, I'm asking you guys to vote for me! BUUUUUUUUUT, There are two other people with awesome costume suggestions that are in the running as well! So, if you like their costume more, by all means, vote for them. I'm really contemplating voting for one of the others *hits desk* why didn't I think of that! Lol. okay. I think I'm done. 

Whose in the running: 

Click HERE to vote. (Vote by leaving your answer in the comments on Alyssa's post) 

Click HERE for my review of Derailed (Book #1 in the Clayton Falls series) by Alyssa Rose Ivy

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Random Rants #14

Random Rants is a weekly post I am starting that I will post on Sundays. I will be ranting about things I loved or didn't love from the past week...these rants may or may not pertain to books.
Ahhh. I know, its been forever since I've done one of these. Well, this week I actually have something awesome to share with you!!! Well... At lease, I think it's awesome! lol. 

Lol. So, I absolutely love watching these parody's. If you've heard of the Hillywood Show, then I'm pretty sure you've watched all their vids by now. They do parodies for the Twilight movies as well as few others. So... Let me stop typing so you can all watch! ...............

That's it for this week :)

What's In My Candy Bag #15

What's In My Beach Candy Bag will be a weekly post about all the books & other goodies that I've bought, borrowed or won :)
Okay, I didn't get much this week. Or, hardly anything lol. This week was a very slow week indeed.

Received For Review:
*Click On Cover To Take You To GoodReads*
Review Soon
To Come

Candy of the Week:
So, this week (last night actually) my mom came home with goodies! lol Whoppers, popcorn & Red Vines. AAAANNNNND we watched The Walking Dead. YES, I know Walking Dead comes on, on Sundays. BUT, AMC was taken off of Dish, so we were stuck without it :( People (according to my moms co-workers) had a lil party for the premier of the new season. (Again, because AMC was only showing on certain cable providers) BUT, alas, AMC is back on DishNetwork and I got to catch up with TWD. ^_^ So, Whoppers was a part of my celebration. lol

That's it for this weeks haul. Like I said, very small haul. Did you guys get anything awesome?

Blog Tour: Promo Post + Giveaway: Bone Wires by Michael Shean

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    Bone Wires
    Amazon (Kindle) | Amazon (Print) | BN | Books-A-Million
    Author: Michael Shean
    Publisher: Curiosity Quills/Whampa, LLC (July 19, 2012)
    Genre: Dark, Mystery, Science Fiction, 380 pages
    ISBN-10: 1620070693
    ISBN-13: 978-1620070697


    In the wasteland of commercial culture that is future America, police are operated not by government but by private companies.

    In Seattle, that role is filled by Civil Protection, and Daniel Gray is a detective in Homicide Solutions. What used to be considered an important - even glamorous - department for public police is very different for the corporate species, and Gray finds himself stuck in a dead end job. That is, until the Spine Thief arrives.

    When a serial killer begins harvesting the spinal tissue of corporate employees all over the city, Detective Gray finds himself plunged into the first truly major case of his career. Caught in a dangerous mix of murder, betrayal and conflicting corporate interest, Gray will find himself not only matching wits with a diabolical murderer but grapple with his growing doubt toward his employers in the dawning months of the American tricentennial.

    A thrilling mystery set in the same world as the Wonderland Cycle, Bone Wires is a grim trip into the streets of the empty future.


    The scene of the crime was an alleyway behind an abandoned Roziara Deli. Crowding the street outside the deli were a pair of patrol cars, white wedges of steel with ribbon lights that stained the nearby buildings red and blue. Street officers clustered around the mouth, black body armor over blue uniform fatigues; unlike the sidearms that Gray and Carter carried, the streeties carried the blunt, brutal shapes of submachine guns close to their plated chests. A cordon had been set up; the narrow yellow band of holographic tape that stretched across the alley mouth glowed as it cycled through baleful warning messages.
    “They used to have good subs here,” said Carter as they pulled up in front of the moldering delicatessen. “Slabs of capicola as thick as Annie Cruz’s ass. Just incredible.”
    “Don’t know that name,” said Gray.
    “Porn star,” said Carter, who produced his badge and flashed it at a streeter who was approaching them. “Way before your time. Put on your war face, here comes the Pacifier.”
    Carter’s Amber Shield glowed like the very words of God Almighty in the low light. “Carter and Gray,” said Carter, keeping his identification held up so that the streeter could see it. “Homicide Solutions.”
    “Lem Martin,” replied the streeter. “Pacification Officer, patrol region 927.”
    “This is your beat then,” said Gray, who produced from the inside pocket of his suit coat a slim Sony microcomp and engaged its holographic display. Data from the Nexus sprang to life above the palm-sized slab. “What do you have for us, Martin?”
    Martin winced a bit at the lack of ‘Officer’ before his surname – you got a lot of that with Pacification Services, of which street patrol was the biggest group. They didn’t like being talked down to. Gray outranked him, however, and didn’t give a shit besides. “Nasty stuff,” Martin said, jerking his head toward the alley mouth. “Victim’s name is Anderson, Ronald P.. Administration. His panic implant was set off about an hour ago and flatlined soon after; me and my partner were in the area, and when we found him…well. Real horror show back there, is all I can say. I called for backup. Dunno what they used, but…well. You’ll see.”
    Carter and Gray looked at each other – streeters saw all sorts of things. If they said it was a nasty scene, they’d probably do well to get smocks and rain boots. “All right, Officer,” Carter said, at which Martin seemed to relax a bit. “Were there any witnesses, security footage, anything like that?”
    “Nothing we could find,” said Martin. “This area’s been abandoned for years. Anyone who lives here cleared out as soon as they heard us coming. You know how it is.”
    “Yeah,” said Gray. Don’t want to get arrested for just being around. “All right, thanks, Officer. If you and…”
    “Conklin and Peavey,” Martin replied. “In the other car. Patel’s with me.”
    “…Right,” Carter replied with a nod. “If you fellas can keep up the cordon on either side of the alley, we’ll have a look. Call the coroner while you’re at it.”
    “On it,” barked Martin, who stepped away from the alley mouth while touching the side of his throat where a subvocal mic, standard issue for street patrol, had been implanted. Carter waited until Martin had backed up a few steps and was well into conversation before he gestured for Gray to follow him. The two men passed through the holographic cordon, the barrier no more solid than the air around it, and took a few steps into the feebly-lit alleyway. The space behind the deli was dark and thick with shadows, lit only by the dying bulb of a lamp set over the shop’s sealed back door. A figure slumped or lay in the cone of dim light that spilled across the building’s crumbling facade. The air was faintly tinged with the smell of ozone and cooked meat. The two men approached; Gray held his computer in one hand while Carter fished the flat, card-sized shape of a palm lamp from a coat pocket. Cupping the lamp in his hand, Carter threw a beam of bright blue- white light across the alleyway and clearly illuminated the corpse.
    Lean and muscular in life, that which had been Ronald Anderson half-crouched, half-sprawled across the alleyway, his handsome face pointing down toward the filthy concrete. The corpse’s posture reminded Gray of an old girlfriend; she was a yoga fanatic and used to do something similar called the Child’s Pose. Anderson’s formerly clean white dress shirt had been cut open, straight down the back from collar to waist, and his belted slacks had also been cut down to the base of the pelvis. His back had been tattooed with a medieval Japanese wave scene.
    Anderson’s flesh had been laid open. Arching upward and away in a v-shaped furrow, a deep channel now butterflied the man’s back half from the base of his skull to the top of his pelvis. Where his spine should have been there was only a bloodless, grayish-red channel. The red and ivory of cleanly clipped bone and cooked organs were clearly visible in its absence, his heart a gray and veined lump. It was as if the tattooed sea had somehow come alive, restless and roaring, and attempted to rise away from its host who could never have survived its rebellion.
    Without the slightest drop of blood, Ronald Anderson had been boned like a fish.
    “Damn,” muttered Carter, stepping forward so he could track with his light the awful wound. “Never seen that before. What do you make of it, Dan?” For Gray, who had only experienced the more pedestrian horrors of stranglings, stabbings and gunshot wounds in his brief career, there was no clean reply. “That’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen,” he breathed instead, staring down at the carved gutter. Gray had said ‘strangest’ – however, what he had truly wanted to say was ‘most horrible’. Looking down at the murdered man, Gray knew that his ‘sexy’ case had arrived, just as he had wished for it, but the only thing he could wish for now was to be anywhere else.
    As if sensing the truth behind Gray’s words, Carter snorted softly. “Lucky you, kid,” he replied in a wry and vaguely weary tone. “Lucky you.”

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Michael Shean was born amongst the sleepy hills and coal mines of southern West Virginia in 1978. Taught to read by his parents at a very early age, he has had a great love of the written word since the very beginning of his life. Growing up, he was often plagued with feelings of isolation and loneliness; he began writing off and on to help deflect this, though these themes are often explored in his work as a consequence. At the age of 16, Michael began to experience a chain of vivid nightmares that has continued to this day; it is from these aberrant dreams that he draws inspiration.

    In 2001 Michael left West Virginia to pursue a career in the tech industry, and he settled in the Washington, DC area as a web designer and graphic artist. As a result his writing was put aside and not revisited until five years later. In 2006 he met his current fiancee, who urged him to pick up his writing once more. Several years of work and experimentation yielded the core of what would become his first novel, Shadow of a Dead Star (2011). Michael is currently signed with Curiosity Quills Press, who has overtaken publication of Shadow of a Dead Star and the other books of his Wonderland Cycle.

    Wednesday, October 24, 2012

    Blog Tour: Review: Night Music by Margie Church

    Promo + Giveaway

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      Night Music
      (The Edge Series)
      Decadent | Amazon | ARe
      Author: Maggie Church
      Publisher: Decadent (July 31, 2012)
      Genre: Contemporary, Fiction, Romance, Erotica, Menage (3+ partners), 26 pages
      ASIN: B008RPK0M8

      A quiet, lakeside vacation is just what Brielle needs to decompress after her busy concert season. She expects the weeks to pass uneventfully. Until she meets the men next door.

      Tyler and Zeke are as adventurous and sexy as the Harleys they ride. The passion they hear in Brielle's music draws them to her.

      Convinced the hunks are gay, Brielle lets down her inhibitions. That turns out to be the best decision she's made in a long time.

      MY REVIEW:
      Wheeew. *sitting in front of the fan letting the cool air wash over me* That. Was. Hawt. ;) This is definitely a short. ONLY 26 PAGES! Now, if you know me, I'm not big on shorts, I feel like they leave too much out to cram into such short pages. BUT, I enjoyed this one. Not a big fan of the cover, but it was pretty good. 

      What I liked about this one would have to be the sezzy scene....Yepp, just one. And it was good. But, the only thing I didn't like, would have to be the dirty talk. It just... doesn't do it for me. lol. 

      I would recommend this one. If you're looking for something short & sezzy, pick up Night Music! 

      MY RATING:


      Brielle had stopped at the local market to get enough supplies for a few days. She had no intention of going to town unless there was a darn good reason. After her clothing and other belongings were unpacked, she opened a bottle of wine—one of several she’d bought—and contemplated the glorious evening sun.
      The rumble of motorcycles disrupted her musings. She craned her neck to see who the offenders were.
      Two men on leather-bedecked hogs cruised down the neighboring driveway. She watched from the seclusion of her covered porch as they got off and parked their bikes. Leather chaps covered their jeans. Boots and black leather vests made them look badass. She waited for them to remove their helmets and reveal more of their features.
      She wasn’t disappointed.
      One of the broad-shouldered men had flaxen hair. The second man ran his hands through his dark hair that reached his shoulders. Even from a distance, she could tell they were in good physical shape, and probably in their late twenties. A twinge of naughtiness plucked her libido. Her vacation was already looking up.
      The bike-riding neighbors unpacked their saddlebags and carried their gear into their cabin. The door shut softly behind them and returned the peace and quiet they’d interrupted.
      Brielle watched the sun dip lower, streaking the sky with brilliant red, orange, and yellow against the clear blue backdrop. The deep sounds of a motoryacht’s engines mixed with the haunting sounds from the loons.
      Inspired, she refilled her wineglass, and then brought her cello to the three-season porch. She moved her bow across the taut strings, warming up, wondering what she should play. She sipped her wine while searching through her extensive music collection. Her hand rested on Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor. Did she dare? Could she play with even half the passion Mei Ju had the other day?
      Closing her eyes, Brielle focused on the sounds and sight of Mr. Ju on stage.
      Will that ever be me?
      She drew her bow back and forth on the strings to play the fiery interludes and soulful chords. Brielle imagined herself in front of the orchestra, the way Ju had been, and did her best to do justice to the piece he’d played so brilliantly.
      As she played the last, low note, she noticed the two men standing on their porch, watching her. Heat flared in her cheeks, whether from the exertion of playing or the embarrassment of their witness, she didn’t know.
      One man began clapping.
      Not expecting that reaction, she chuckled.
      “Play something else,” said the man with the long hair.
      Thinking they were making fun of her, she closed her music and stood. “Funny guy.”
      “No, really, play some more.”
      She contemplated the request for a moment. “You’re not going to call the cops?”
      The blond one laughed. “Oh, hell no. Come on. Play something hot and sexy.”
      Bolstered by their enthusiasm, she wondered what she could play that might fit the bill. “Just a minute.” A number of titles ran through her mind and she dismissed them all. Ah, the perfect one.

      Margie Church writes erotic romance novels with a strong suspense element, in keeping with her moniker: Romance with SASS (Suspense Angst Seductive Sizzle). She has a degree in writing and editing and has been a professional writer, editor, and journalist for over 25 years. If you enjoy books you can't put down, read one of hers.

      Margie lives in Minnesota, is married, and has two children. Some of her passions are music, flower gardening, biking, walking on moonlit nights, nature, and making people laugh. She also writes children's books under the pen name, Margaret Rose.

      Tuesday, October 23, 2012

      Tuesday Jams #10

      Tuesday Jams is a weekly post hosted by Sharonda @ Salacious Reads. This is a way to share with others your love (other then books of course) for music! Want to participate? Easy! Head on over to Salacious Reads & link back up with her Tuesday Jams post in her comments section!
      Welcome back to another week of Tuesday Jams! I'm continuing with my Halloween themed/semi themed music! I didn't any new songs to the playlist. Laawd Finding Halloween themed music is really hard. This weeks song is....

      1. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll
      2. Jen Titus - Oh Death
      3. Florence + The Machine - Seven Devils
      4. Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare
      5. Stevie Wonder - Superstitous 
      6. Rihanna - Disturbia
      7. Selena Gomez - its Magic
      8. Pilot - Oh Ho Ho Its Magic
      9. Haley Reinhart - Spiderwebs
      10. Birdy - Shelter (Cover)
      11. Michael Jackson - Thriller
      12. Back - Toccata & Fugue in D Minor (Guitar Cover)
      13. Tori Amos - Cruel

      This week I chose Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll. I love this song! I actually didn't come up with this song, I was asking my little sister what songs remind her of Halloween and she said Yeah Yeah Yeahs! Its been a while since I've played any of their songs. If you play guitar hero, then you've heard of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, their song Maps is on that game. Which one? IDK! lol. When I listen to this song & I hear "Heads will roll" I think of Alice in Wonderland. *shrugs* Well, that's it for this weeks Tuesday Jams. Love my choice? Hate it? Leave a comment :)

      Alpha-Males After Dark #7

      Alpha-Males After Dark is a weekly meme hosted during the week (After hours of course) by Ana here @ Beach Bum Reads and Neyra over @ Darkest Addictions. Alpha-Males After Dark is an 18+ meme that has your favorite smutty scene from a book of your choice with your favorite Sezzy Alpha-Male. Following this, you will state why you chose said Sezzy Alpha-Male and that particular hawt & heavy scene. Your post can be as explicit or as conservative as you want. Just spill the deets, you know we will ;)

      To join in on all the steamy fun all you have to do is link back up in the link section below and be a follower of both Beach Bum Reads & Darkest Addictions. Have fun! ;)

      You can use our meme button above by grabbing the link below or make one of your own ^_^

      Welcome back to another week of AMAD! This week I chose John from For Desire Alone by Jess Michaels. This week is going to be a bit different. Neyra & I have decided to do a "Twin Post" for this weeks AMAD. How this came about? Well, Neyra and I were buddy reading on her computer (because she asked me a question that I will not reveal to your innocent eyes LMBO). Yes, we read sezzy books together xD So... we chose John because he exudes ALPHA MALE! We even tweeted about his sezzy self while we were reading... literally stopped to tweet ;)
      We chose this specific scene.... because.... it's hawt. xD John can't get Mariah out of his head and rubs one out ;) Freakin' hawt right? We thought so ^_^ Without further ado, I give you John & his cock ;)

         John sprawled across his bed…alone. He didn’t think he’d spent a night alone in two years, and now it had been three. Three since he had plunged his cock deep within Mariah’s trembling pussy and made her scream his name.
         Somehow the idea of any other woman now seemed stale and troublesome.
         He stared at the canopy above his bed. Normally, he took a woman and never thought of her again. It wasn’t that he didn’t repeat pleasure. Certainly there had been lovers he revisited from time to time. But never twice in a row.
         And yet all he wanted was Mariah. He wanted to spread her naked on his bed. He wanted to take her in a bath scented by roses. He wanted to fill her while they watched others make love at one of Vivien’s most special and secret parties.
         He groaned as his cock sprang to attention at his erotic thoughts. Fuck, but the woman was like a drug. One he had avoided for years. But now that he’d had that little taste…he wanted more.
         He grabbed his cock and stroked as he pictured Mariah, her red hair down around her shoulders, leaning over him with a knowing smile. Owen had occasionally talked about her. How she had certain very sensitive places on her body. Her breasts, for example, which John had not uncovered during their encounter. He had cupped them, though, and could picture them in his mind.
         How he would suck them, bite them, tease them as she writhed beneath him, moaning and begging for more.
         He stroked harder and grunted as pleasure built deep in his loins, increased with every stroke and every thought of her.
         Taking her had been as fantastic as he had always imagined, but in his excitement he had done it too quickly. He could well imagine how incredible it would be to drag that pleasure out. To use all the techniques he knew to make love to her for hours at a time, until she was weak from orgasm after orgasm, until she ached from release and trembled like a virgin on her wedding night.
         Only then would he come. Only then would he find his own pleasure.
         His cock spurted and splashed seed across his stomach and bed sheets and John flopped backward against the pillows with a groan of relief.

      This Beach Bum Is Taken

      Day #23: Write about your relationship status.
      Current Status: It's Complicated. My status relationship is complicated BECAUSE, I'm currently seeing Rhage from the Brotherhood. And well, Mary doesn't like that too much, but I can handle a little petite lil thaaang. Bring it giiirl *takes of earrings* And then... because I couldn't help myself, and he was just standing there needing some lovin'... I started talking to Zsadist from the Brotherhood as well. He just needed some REAL GOOD lovin... then he went and got Bella preggers and I don't mix well with baby mamas! He gon' have to pay his child support! Laaaawd. Heard they named the baby Nalla, not like Nala from the Lion King. But, hey. being the spawn of two vamps... girl got chomps! I then decided that I didn't want to cause any more drama within the Brotherhood, so after I played tonsil hockey with Quinn & Blay (yes, both of them, because you can totally see their affection for each other, I had to jump in and make the magic happen *waves magic wand*) I took the elevator up to cloud 9 and had a little roll in the clouds with Zacharel and of course his little psychopath girlfriend threatened me with her massive claws, I jumped clouds and landed in the arms of Thane. Wheew. Thane.. we had a good time. But we had to end our little escapade of foreplay. He always wanted to play the demon and I wasn't having that! So I hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and a cardigan... Yeah... New Status: Mentally sleeping around with all my book boyfriends ;) 

      Feel free to answer today's question :) If you have any questions for me, leave them in the comments below! 

      Monday, October 22, 2012

      Have You Seen Finnick? Odair He Is!

      Day #22: Favorite character from The Hunger Games?
      Finnck. Odair. Yes, yes, YES! lol. Finnick actually isn't mentioned until the second book in the trilogy, Catching Fire, but laaawd. I fell in love with his character on the spot! I like Peeta and Gale, but I love me some Finnick Odair. ;) 

      What about you guys? Who is your favorite character from The Hunger Games? 

      Sunday, October 21, 2012

      What's In My Candy Bag #14

      What's In My Beach Candy Bag will be a weekly post about all the books & other goodies that I've bought, borrowed or won :)

      *Click on pictures to enlarge*
      What I Received:

      ♥ Thanks to Kym Grosso for Luca's Magic Embrace (Received for review)
      ♥Thanks to Wynne Channing for What Kills Me (Won in giveaway @ Picked by Poison)
      ♥Thanks to Anna @ Hearding Cats & Burning Soup for Nauti Boy by Lora Leigh (Won in giveaway)
      ♥Thanks to Neyra @ Darkest Addictions for Books #1 - 3 in the Firefighters of Station Five series by Jo Davis

      What I Bought:

      Ahh. So I was at GoodWill the other day. And I saw this! Its like a mini drawer! Its dsooo damned cute! Its sitting here on my desk. I like it. Its my little storage bin! xD It was only $3.00 so I had to get it :) Well.. I didn't have to, but it was so kaaa-ute! ^_^

      Lol! YES! More notepads! ^_^ I got these at Goodwill and they were only .49¢ each! that's a whopping 0.98¢ Pretty damned great price if you ask me :) 

      Candy of the Week:
      Yes, I know this isn't candy! BUT, its sweet. So, that's enough for me xD If you read my last WIMCB post then you know that my sister and I bought a bag of cookies from Target and they were, for lack of a better word, CRAP! So, while we were running errands for my dad, we picked up cookies from Albertsons. Laaawd. We LOVE Albertsons cookies! Yesterday we got Brownie Cookies. Its pretty much a brownie shaped liked a cookie with chocolate chips in it.... NOM NOM NOM it was good ^_^ 

      Well, that's it for my haul this week :) Did you get anything awesome?

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