♥ = Adult                                                                  = G
                           ♥ = New Adult                                                          = PG 
                           ♥ = Young Adult                                                       = PG-13
                                                                                                           = R
                                                                                                           = NC-17

Andre, Bella - Love Me
The Avengers
Banister, Tracie - In Need of Therapy
Bradlee, Stephen - Falling In Love
Battisti, Jacqueline M. - The Guardian of Bastet
Brooks, Kathleen - Bluegrass State of Mind
Breaking Dawn Part 2
Caine, Rachel - Devil's Bargain
Callihan, Kristen - Moonglow
Carlson, Amanda - Full Blooded
Castle, Kendra Leigh - Shadow Rising
Christie, Sally Franklin - If I Should Die
Coleman, Rebecca - Heaven Should Fall
Church, Margie - Night Music
Clare, Cassandra - City of Bones

Drummond, Lonaire - Dirty Secrets
Durante, Samantha - Stitch

Eldridge, Janiera - Soul Sisters
Eden, Tigris - Romantic Tales Episode One

Fennell, Judi - Magic Gone Wild
Foster, Lori - Bare It All

Hamilton, Laurell K. - Guilty Pleasures
Higgins, Kristan - The Best Man

Ivy, Alyssa Rose - Derailed
James, Sherry - Woman On Top
Johnston, Joan - Texas Bride
Johnston, Joan - Wyoming Bride
Johnston, Joan - Montana Bride

Kallysten - Bodyguards
Kallysten - Demons & Lullabies
Karlsen, Chris - Golden Chariot
Karnopp, Rita - Sacred Ground

Leo, Cassia - Relentless
Lusarde, James - Train of Arousal
Lanston, Ty - Romantic Tales Episode One

Magic Mike
The Man With The Iron Fists
Mirror Mirror

Pitch Perfect

Scott, Jessica - Until There Was You
Showalter, Gena - The Darkest Night
Showalter, Gena - Wicked Nights
Silverwood, Cari - Rough Surrender
Sivec, Tara - Troubles and Treats
Sivec, T.E. - A Beautiful Lie

Therrien, Jessica - Oppression
Tyler, Pavarti K. - Two Moons of Sera
Think Like A Man

Zoetewey, Jim - The Legion of Nothing: Rebirth

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